Youth Livelihood Program

youthIncreasing employment rates and reduction of poverty among the youth, is a major challenge among the youth and the Government of Uganda (GoU). High poverty and unemployment levels among the youth in Uganda have persisted over time and are increasingly leading to a feeling of marginalization and exclusion among the youth. Most youth subsist on the margins of the economy or have jobs that do not provide them with adequate means to ensure survival. This situation is aggravated by the huge imbalance between the supply and the demand for labour, hence heightening the sense of risk. There is increasing evidence of distress migration from the rural to urban among the youth.

The Youth Livelihood Programme is therefore designed to provide strategic and sustainable interventions for the youth to enable them effectively participate in the National development and improve their quality of life. The Programme focuses on 3 components, namely; Skills Development, Livelihood Support, and Institutional Support. The YLP will prioritize entrepreneurship and business management skills, personal finance management, life skills, and mindset change as integral parts of the Livelihood Support and Skills Support components.

  • Youth Livelihood Program is designed to respond to the existing challenge of unemployment and poverty among Ugandan youth.
  • The YLP is intended to increase self-employment opportunities and income levels among the un-employed and poor Youth in Uganda through vocational skills development and income generating activities.
  • The Programme is designed in response to the high un-employment and poverty among the Youth in Uganda that has led to a feeling of marginalization and exclusion among some of the Youth.