“Change the Way You Travel and Help Change the World

Uganda has much to offer the tourist outside the national parks in terms of its natural and cultural heritage, but this needs to be effectively captured and presented to tourists in a way that is authentic and engaging and structured in a way that is sustainable and provides direct economic benefits to local people.

As part of ASTCF’s mission to promote sustainable tourism, we developed alternative tour trips designed to connect travelers with local people and places for an authentic educational experience. Our independent trips maintain a focus on sustainable community-based development, conservation management, and cultural preservation ensuring that local people benefit from tourist trip by spending money in community of locally owned businesses.

ASTCF’s Voluntourism Project focuses on the promotion of ethical volunteering to maximize the beneficial developmental impacts in the communities where volunteering takes place, minimize the negative impacts and to ensure volunteers have a worthwhile experience. We do believe that volunteers/ tourists leave their mark in their host countries, not only by dedicating their time and energy to a community or conservation project, but also through the positive contribution they make in supporting local businesses, tourism operators, craftsmen and women, and the many jobs that are created and sustained by purchases they make, and activities they take part in while they are in the host country. We therefore believe that when managed correctly, voluntourism ticks all the boxes when it comes to satisfying the criteria for responsible tourism, bringing visitors to areas of the country outside the traditional tourist routes, and providing a sustainable means for NGO projects to develop communities and employ local people.

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