ASTCF Sustainable Tourism Concept

Despite the growth in popularity of experiential travel, much of Uganda’s tourism potential is untapped. The country has not fully utilised the appeal of its natural and cultural heritage and the ability this has to generate income and employment for local communities.

Tourism in Uganda is dominated by wildlife viewing. People travel from all over the world to see lions, elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas and other charismatic mega fauna in the natural settings of the country’s national parks and forests. However, the ability for local communities surrounding national parks to benefit from this type of tourism is often limited.

Uganda has much to offer the tourist outside the national parks in terms of its natural and cultural heritage, but this needs to be effectively captured and presented to tourists in a way that is authentic and engaging and structured in a way that is sustainable and provides direct economic benefits to local people.

Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation’s concept for sustainable tourism is to Enhance the capacity of local people across the tourism focal district of Uganda to harness and realize the tourism potential within their midst, leading to improved livelihoods.  The focus is mainly on empowering women through homestead tourism, handicraft production, and rural hospitality in order to sustain village life and culture, improve livelihoods, empowers rural women and youth with skills training, connects them to global market opportunities, and enables them to earn an income to transform their communities in remote rural areas and reduce the need for outward migration.