Mitigation For Climate Change, Biodiversity And Environmental Conservation

 Tree Planting

Uganda depends heavily on environment and natural resources.  Future sustainability in agriculture, food security and general livelihoods relies significantly on environmental conservation and sustainability. However, the country is subjected to environmental problems which put the economic, environmental and social development at risk. These include soil degradation, deforestation, drainage of wetlands, loss of biodiversity, pollution and unsanitary conditions.

Many of these problems are associated with poor management of water resources, poor farming methods, demographic pressures leading to land scarcity, and lack of efficient energy sources; resulting into food insecurity arising from drought and floods, outbreak of diseases such as malaria, water borne diseases associated with floods and respiratory diseases associated with droughts, and heavy rainfalls which increase land degradation.

Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation brings agroforestry solutions to smallholder farmers and rural communities. We help supply and plant trees on small family farms to increase soil fertility, reduce land degradation, improve crop productivity, and provide additional sources of food and income. Agroforestry helps farmers to reduce dependence of forest resources and provides families with a home supply of fuel-wood, fodder, fertilizer, and food. This will reduce pressure on the natural forest and thus contribute to forest and wildlife conservation in the region, while creating sustainable livelihoods for community members.