HIVASTCF Primary Health Care Program seek also to address health issues surrounding the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the rural tourism focal Districts of Uganda. We intend conducted HIV prevention education projects, hold free HIV testing clinics, and work to support initiatives in peer education on the topic of HIV/AIDS. We partner with local health centres to bring HIV testing into Villages for those villagers who do wish to be tested. It also refers all positive individuals to an NGO called TASO (founded in Uganda, and now spread across East Africa), which provides further counselling and free ARVs for a small, annual ‘membership’ fee.

Our HIV/AIDS Outreach teams hold outreaches where they cover basic information on transmission, symptoms, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. We also bring in local community based organizations (CBOs) who hold massive music, drama and dance performances educating the community about HIV/AIDS. These outreach performances are greatly loved by the village communities, especially as ASTCF makes an effort to use local groups, so that the actors and musicians are often neighbours to the spectators.