Enterprise Development


The Enterprise Development Program is among the key program areas of ASTCF.

The aim of the program is threefold:

  • To integrate communities and community based tourism into mainstream tourism in Uganda.
  • To build capacity for local people to more effectively engage with tourism issues
  • To explore ideas for tourism enterprises.



The ultimate goal is for an equitable distribution of the benefits accruing from community based tourism enterprises.

Our work involves:

  • Community mobilization; participatory training, seminars, workshops and sharing of information through the quarterly newsletter and monthly e-letter.
  • Community advisory services on product development, packaging, fundraising, etc
  • Promotion of community based, owned and/ or managed tourism enterprises.

Community Mobilization - One of the main initial areas of focus for ASTCF is to be involved in community mobilization through regional workshops, debates and seminars through Uganda. The community mobilization drives is geared to creating awareness on sustainable tourism and identifying challenges and gathering possible solutions in enhancing the skills of local communities that are involved in community based tourism enterprises and to establish a multi-stakeholder of Community Based Tourism Enterprises development and Promotion network to design and develop rural village tourism strategies and products by effective transforming them into tourism offerings through exploitation of existing untapped potential in village assets, ( with a focus on quality standards) to create employment and incomes for the rural communities.

Community Advisory Services - This involves community advisory services on product development, packaging and marketing access. ASTCF seeks to play a key role in supporting the community groups to develop and package their products. Many rural economies have historical, cultural, natural and recreational assets that can be used in development strategy. The residents can earn income as land managers, entrepreneurs, service and produce providers, and employees. ASTCF realizes that there are many ways in which community based tourism can benefit the local people. At least part of the tourist income can be set aside for projects which provide benefits to the community as a whole.

Promotion of Community-Based Tourism Enterprises - This we do by proactive marketing and promotion of tourism enterprises run by communities or local individuals in our website, fliers and newsletter. We also support and coordinate with activities of others, such as NGOs and donors, who are promoting community-based tourism enterprises.