Communities in Africa’s rural and marginalized areas are the custodians of most of the world’s natural and cultural treasures. The abundant and diverse natural, historical and cultural heritage resources that are available in many rural areas represent exciting tourism opportunities to stimulate direct and indirect jobs and other micro-economic activities. The appropriate development of these resources can create a range of social, economic and environmental benefits for rural individuals and communities

Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation (ASTCF) is a grassroots, a non-profit tourism NGO that is focused on the conservation of biodiversity and development of rural communities in high tourism potential areas in Uganda to supplement household incomes through a diverse and holistic sustainable tourism practices and other environmental sustainable businesses to alleviate poverty, fight gender inequality, empower local communities, and in particular disadvantaged groups (women, youth, ethnic people), and encourage the conservation of cultural and natural heritage.

ASTCF operates according to the tenets of “justice tourism”, that is, tourism that holds as its central goals the creation of economic opportunities for the local community, positive cultural exchange between host and guest through one-on-one interaction, the protection of the environment and encourage the conservation of cultural and natural heritage.

ASTCF works to encourage all tourism operators to abandon exploitative mass tourism and to adopt practices that positively affect the host population. Through these methods, ASTCF seeks to promote authentic experiential educational and alternative, sustainable and socially responsible travel as a way to empower tourists while promoting the local economy and wellbeing of host communities in Uganda.

 Our Vision:

To promote sustainable tourism development which benefits the local communities and their participation in terms of job creation, poverty reduction and environmental management.

Our Mission

To create a more enabling environment for sustainable tourism practices that focus on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability leading to improved livelihoods in Uganda.

Our Goal

To promote sustainable tourism practices that will conserve Uganda’s natural environment and improve livelihoods of associated communities.

Core Value Statement:

  • Being conscious of needs of the local communities and ensuring that they benefit economically from tourism.
  • Respect for local people and their customs, traditions and culture
  • Respect for preserving the environment and natural resources
  • Being conscious of the impact of tourism on the community and environmental resources.